About us

Werk was founded in 2020 with a purpose of bringing transparency and trust to construction sector that is missing today. In our team we have 30 years of experience in construction so we know how hard it is for a subcontractor to find a skilled worker, and at the same time how difficult it is for the worker to find a job at the right time and for the just pay. Talented construction specialists need to be made visible so that the right jobs would find the right people. We are here for the workers and we bring them jobs from honest companies.
Company founded
Workers registered
Top leaders in construction sector joined advisory board

Meet our team

Photo of Martin.
Martin Kalamees
Photo of Marion.
Marion Kallakas
Photo of Markus.
Markus Tarn
Photo of Richard.
Richard Vähi
Photo of Erko.
Erko Saviauk
head of sales
Photo of Kristian.
Kristian Saarela
senior full-stack engineer
Photo of Erik.
Erik Dolotov
senior front-end engineer

Meet our advisors

Photo of Ieva.
Ieva Sibilla Strupule
CEO of Material Mapper
Photo of Allan.
Allan Mahkvei
Board Member at Mitt & Perlebach SIA